Major powers

There are 4 types of major powers, and they will be listed here. The ones that pertain to the story at the moment are linked. Alsothe

Political powers: These are the powers that are influential to the government. The number beside them are how many seats they control on the council.

Mercantile Powers: These are the major powers that move money around.

  • The Crafter’s Forum
  • The Transit Authority
  • Spice Trade Collective
  • Earth Dredgers
  • The Brewer’s Alliance

Religious powers: These are the major church related groups. Not all of them serve a specific deity, some serve a specific ideology instead. If they serve a specific deity, then that deity is in parentheses next to the name.

  • The Cult of Everdeath
  • The Radiant Servants (Pelor)
  • The Shining Blades (Heironeous)
  • The Scales of Justice
  • The Lone Candle
  • The Church of the Beast (Hakim)

Magical Powers: These are the major powers associated with magic.

  • The Crystal Spire
  • The Great Library
  • The Expedition
  • The High Council of the Academy

Martial Powers: These are the military and martial powers such as significant monk schools, or large groups of military or mercenary presence.

Major powers

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