Welcome to Amenhil

The city of the beast, the center of the civilized world, and the last bastion of civilization on world ravaged by a menace so great that the gods themselves intervened. However not all is peaceful.

History as the Royal lorekeepers maintain it says that at the turn of the new era man was little more than two dozen wandering tribes kept firmly under the foot of the creatures of this land. One specific marauder would be the Tarrasque. For longer than anyone could remember it had terrorized mankind, however that was due to change. It is said that seven heroes from seven tribes were contacted by the deity Hakim who bestowed unto them seven harpoons, and a plan with which to restrain the tarrasque in exchange for their servitude as guardians of it. Within a tenday the trap was set, and within a month the tarrasque sprung it. Now trapped by the seven harpoons in a meteoric crater the tarrasque was no longer a menace, and quickly these seven tribes built a city around it. After a century the city quickly became the center of the world. The tarrasque had become its source of income, its exports, its culture, and its food source. Eating the flesh that was quickly regenerated granted miraculous powers, and drinking the blood was similar. A man could live off a single cutlet for a week. Weapons and armor were fashioned from the hide and plating, and a vast gladiatorial combat center grew as well as various schools of martial study. Mages flocked to the city in droves in an attempt to study this tyrannical beast and schools of magic and psionics sprouted up.

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City of the Beast